Empowering Your Business with Detroit

Maximizing Efficiency

Detroit® services – including the Detroit Integrated Powertrain, Detroit Assurance® and Detroit Connect® – are designed to keep trucks on the road, reducing downtime and increasing profitability. 


Running Smart with the Integrated Detroit Powertrain

Freightliner runs on the power of the Detroit Integrated Powertrain. The Detroit Powertrain integrates three specifically-engineered Detroit components — engine, transmission and axle — to work together and create a system that is optimized for efficiency, performance and reliability. When you’re behind the wheel of a Freightliner, the Detroit powertrain communicates in real time with its proprietary network and motor-control module, optimizing efficiency throughout the entire powertrain. Separately, each component of the Integrated Detroit Powertrain (IDP) is a major engineering achievement, but when the Detroit DD13® engine or DD15® is paired with the DT12 transmission and Detroit axles, the IDP produces unprecedented levels of performance, fuel economy and reliability. 


Protecting Your Business and Your Fleet with Detroit Assurance

The Assurance safety systems links your Freightliner’s engine, transmission and braking systems to radar and camera sensors, helping drivers mitigate or even avoid collisions, protecting them and minimizing damage to your trucks. Every Freightliner comes standard with bumper-mounted radar that detects objects ahead of the vehicle, and a video radar decision unit, which commands the active brake assist, transmission and other engine computers. The radar also allows the truck’s cruise control to automatically adjust the truck’s speed to maintain a safe following distance. Detroit also offers an optional, windshield-mounted camera system that tracks the truck’s position within the lane and alerts the driver if the line is crossed.


Maximizing Uptime with Detroit Connect

Freightliner knows that when your truck isn’t on the road, due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, it’s costing you money. Detroit Connect telematics solutions deliver the information you need to make smart decisions and maximize your fleet’s uptime. 

A check-engine light could mean anything from an easy fix to a critical engine failure. In the past, determining the cause meant driving to a technician and leaving the truck for diagnosis, but Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®, a key feature of the Detroit Connect suite, takes the guesswork out of truck maintenance.

When an engine light appears, Virtual Technician sends the severity of the problem and a preliminary diagnosis to the fleet manager. If the problem needs immediate attention, the experts at Detroit will identify the nearest authorized service location with the proper parts in stock to fix the problem. 

The Detroit Connect suite also includes Detroit Connect Remote Updates, for remote engine parameter updates and DDEC downloads, and Detroit Connect Analytics. Analytics provide fleet managers with expert fuel economy and safety insights and recommendations, allowing them to see the overall health of their fleet and what steps need to be taken to make the fleet more productive or safer, including collision mitigation braking events, lane departure warnings, distance violations and more.