Trucks engineered to be efficient and reliable with excellent fuel economy, Freightliner trucks are a smart investment.

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Superior components, innovative technology and unsurpassed driver comfort are just some of what makes new Cascadia a class leader in fuel efficiency and reliability.

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Our extensive dealer network will provide you with the expert sales and support you demand to find the right new or used truck for your business.

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New Cascadia®

On-Highway | 60,600 lbs. GCW | 350-605 HP | Up to 2050 lb-ft Torque


M2 106

Medium Duty | 66,000 lbs. GVWR | 200-350 HP | Up to 1150 lb-ft Torque



On-Highway/Severe Duty | 210,000 lbs. GCW | 350-600 HP | Up to 2050 ft-lb Torque



Severe Duty | 69,000 lbs. GVWR | 200-380 HP |Up to 1250 lb-ft Torque



Severe Duty | 92,000 lbs. GVWR | 260-505 HP | Up to 1850 lb-ft Torque


M2 112

On-Highway | 80,000 lbs. GVWR | 260-505 HP | Up to 1850 lb-ft Torque


New Cascadia® Natural Gas

On-Highway | 80,000 lbs. GCW | 400 HP | Up to 1450 lb-ft Torque


M2 112 Natural Gas

On-Highway | 80,000 lbs. GVW | 260-320 HP | Up to 1000 lb-ft Torque


114SD Natural Gas

Severe Duty | 62,000 lbs. GVW | 260-320 HP | Up to 1000 lb-ft Torque


Cascadia® Evolution

On-Highway | 80,000 lbs. GCW | 455-505 HP | Up to 1750 lb-ft Torque



On-Highway | 60,600 lbs. GCW | 350-600 HP | Up to 1850 lb-ft Torque



Severe Duty | 66,000 lbs. GVWR | 350 HP | Up to 1050 lb-ft Torque

Optimize Your Truck's Performance with Driver Training Resources.

The more you learn about your truck, the better equipped you are to get the most from it. We’ve assembled a variety of helpful content, so plug in and check out our driver training resources.

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Superior Service Means a Lowered Cost of Ownership.

At Freightliner, we’re focused on your uptime, with hundreds of meticulously prepared service centers across North America, staffed by trained experts in both vehicle and customer service.

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Knowledge is power. You can find both in the free Freightliner Smart Source App, for instant, mobile, 24/7 access to blogs, driver-training videos, news, brochures, links and other resources.

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Unmatched Parts & Support for Your Truck.

A superior truck selection and the greater ease of finding the right one for your needs includes access to a massive, accessible and affordable selection of top-quality new and used truck parts.

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The Detroit™ DD5™ Engine

Perfect for mid-range, short-haul pickup and delivery trucks, Detroit’s new DD5 is an efficient, tech-advanced, mid-range engine ideal for a variety of workaday applications.

The Detroit™ DD8™ Engine

Detroit’s versatile new DD8 is a vocational problem-solver that combines fuel efficiency with unmatched quality, pairing industry-leading maintenance intervals with innovative technology.