Detroit™ Axles

Ready for the Toughest Demands

Unmatched precision: engineered, built and tested for the bottom line

Whether your truck is fitting into the tightest spots or hauling up the steepest of grades, your Detroit axles will meet the toughest demands you can throw at it. Our front-steer, single-rear and tandem-rear axles provide our trucks with the support and maneuverability they need to succeed, entering lock-step with the rest of the Detroit™ powertrain components to deliver the goods, time and time again.

With innovative, needle-bearing design, precision-cut gears and robust differentials, Detroit axles are a proven platform on trucks worldwide. Detroit axles are machined and assembled in the very same Redford, Michigan facility where our legendary engines and transmissions are produced leading to low maintenance costs, rock-solid reliability, durability and peace of mind.

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Front-Steer Axles

With a wheel cut of up to 55 degrees, low weight for more hauling, needle bearings that roll and an available 12,500-lb rating, Detroit™ front-steer axles provide the strength, performance, reliability and increased payload capacity you can count on.

Single-Rear Axles

Designed for higher torque applications, quieter operation and increased payload capacity, Detroit™ rear-drive axles are also easy to maintain, increasing your uptime and reducing your overall costs.

Tandem Rear Axles

Innovative, state-of-the-art engineering gives Detroit axles market-leading performance and value. With reduced driveline vibration and increased longevity, Detroit tandem rear axles provide high-performance for heavy-duty applications. Eliminating the pinion-head bearing creates more space for a larger and stronger differential.

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