Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain

One company can deliver this much integration. It’s Detroit.

Industry-standard, integrated power to pavement

The Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain (IDP) is the unified result of a technologically superior engine, transmission and axles. The IDP is specifically designed, engineered, machined and assembled in Detroit to work together as a single unit, increasing power, efficiency, longevity, durability and your bottom line. Combining the most fuel-efficient Detroit™ engines ever built with the technologically advanced DT12™ transmission and corresponding lighter-weight Detroit™ drive axles that, when integrated like only Detroit™ products can, really put the power to the pavement. Coupled with our cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art component communication and one-stop parts and service support, no other powertrain does more to deliver real profits to your trucking business than the Integrated Detroit Powertrain.

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