Detroit™ Connect


Translate Data Into Insights.

The Detroit Connect suite of connected vehicle services is your trusted source for information about your vehicle’s performance with information at your fingertips, empowering you to make the right decisions for your business.

Detroit Connect has created an easy-to-access portal where users are able to simply log on and access real-time information including vehicle fault events and performance data for valuable insights into overall fleet health, fuel economy and safety performance.

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Detroit Connect Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician is the integrated remote diagnostic system for Freightliner trucks equipped with Detroit engines. With Virtual Technician, fleets and owner-operators know within minutes when their engine or after treatment system experience fault events, the severity of the fault and when, where and how to best fix the issue causing the fault. Severe fault events are further analyzed by Detroit Customer Support Center (CSC) experts. Complete fault event details are viewable via the Detroit Connect portal.


Virtual Technician helps fleets make informed business decisions so that they only service their vehicles when needed – spending less time in the shop, reducing diagnostic time and increasing vehicle uptime.

Detroit Connect Remote Updates

Remote Updates uses secure, over-the-air programming capabilities and a cellular connection that gives fleets the ability to make engine parameter updates and to receive Detroit-initiated engine and other powertrain electronic controller updates. Remote Updates improves customers’ uptime by reducing the need to stop and physically connect the vehicle at a service center in order to make engine performance-enhancing parameter updates, allowing for updates to one or a hundred trucks from a single location and all at the same time. Remote Updates will be available exclusively on the newly-designed Detroit Connect platform included with the new Freightliner Cascadia.


Detroit Connect Analytics

Detroit Connect Analytics provide users with on-demand, automated analysis and reports with key insights developed by DTNA and Detroit experts. Analytics uses that expertise to quickly identify behaviors, trends, root causes and key insights on fuel consumption and safety performance data across the fleet. This allows fleets to spend less time crunching data and more time optimizing vehicle performance.


Telematics Partners

Zonar Systems is the preferred telematics service provider of Freightliner trucks. Fleets needing a fleet management or an electronic logging device (ELD) telematics solution can spec Zonar Systems' Ground Traffic Control® (GTC) web-based application and 2020® Android communications tablet. Ground Traffic Control provides fleet managers with a real-time picture of fleet operations while the 2020 tablet offers drivers and fleet managers valuable tools for increasing compliance and efficiency. Both can be integrated with the connectivity platform installed on all Freightliner trucks built with a Detroit™ engine. Pre-wire options are available for other third-party telematics providers.

Visit Zonar Systems’ website to learn more.