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Freightliner Utility Trucks

There’s a lot riding on the work you do. Our efficient, reliable utility trucks can help you get the job done right every time. Whether it’s a bucket truck, tree trimmer or digger derrick, Freightliner trucks have everything you need to support your fleet—from your linemen to your bottom line.

The M2 106, 108SD and 114SD are purpose-built for everyday jobs. Featuring 2,500-sq.-in. windshields, they offer unrivaled visibility. And with up to 55 degrees of wheel cut, they provide outstanding maneuverability. Lightweight and durable, every Freightliner truck features a corrosion-resistant, steel-reinforced aluminum cab that’s designed for ultimate driver comfort and productivity.

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PowerSouth Testimonial

PowerSouth uses a 114SD digger derrick and 114SD bucket truck to maintain lines and restore power. Hear their story.


108SD Superior Wheel Cut and Visibility

Visibility and maneuverability are key to any jobsite. Hear how the 108SD excels in these areas.


108SD and DD8 Engine

Excellent fuel efficiency and maintenance intervals - Two reasons why you should power your 108SD with the DD8 engine.


The Incredible Versatility of the M2 106

The versatile Freightliner M2 106 supports a wide range of body equipment, making it easy to get the truck you need.


Safety and Comfort Inside the M2 106

From the wide windshield to adjustable seating, Freightliner designed the M2 106 with driver safety and comfort in mind.


M2 106 Driver Comfort

A spacious and quiet cab are just two features of the Freightliner M2 106 that maximize driver comfort. Learn more.


M2 106 Ease of Maintenance

The Freightliner M2 106 truck is designed for hassle-free maintenance. Learn how Freightliner accomplishes this.


M2 106 New Grille

The new, standard molded black grill and air intake grill on the M2 106 are not only stylish but practical.


M2 106: LED Headlights

New LED headlights increase visibility for safer driving. Learn more about one of the latest upgrades on the M2 106.


Ease of Upfit on Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner’s efficiency in the upfit process is one reason why our work trucks are a great solution for your business.


How Detroit Mid-Range Engines Reduce Regens on Work Trucks

Detroit’s propriety engine technology Variable Cam Phasing increases uptime for your Freightliner work trucks. See how.


3 Reasons to Spec the DD8 Engine

Performance at low speed and fuel economy are just a couple of reasons why you should spec a DD8 engine in your truck.


DD5 and DD8 reliability and testing

The Detroit® DD5™ and DD8™ engines are specially designed for durability and performance in your Freightliner work truck.


Detroit Virtual Technician in Freightliner Work Trucks

Learn about Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®, an innovative telematics solution that helps improve uptime.


Freightliner & WABCO: Active Braking on Moving Objects

The Active Braking on Moving Objects safety feature on your Freightliner truck improves driver and pedestrian safety.


Freightliner & WABCO: Active Braking on Stationary Objects

See how WABCO’s Active Braking on Stationary Objects safety feature helps you reduce the severity of collision.


Freightliner & WABCO: Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise with a little more ease with WABCO’s Adaptive Cruise Control safety feature on your Freightliner work truck.


Freightliner & WABCO: Lane Departure Warnings

See how Freightliner with WABCO's OnLane Lane Departure Warning System works to keep you safe and alert on the road.

Blog Articles

Elliott Equipment Company Picked the Freightliner M2 106 to Power its First Digger Derrick

Elliott Equipment Company worked with Freightliner trucks to build its first digger derrick with the versatile M2 106.

Do You Make Money When Your Truck is In the Shop?

Freightliner’s focus on improving uptime is just one of the reasons Freightliner has best-selling trucks like the M2 106.

Freightliner Builds Safety

Freightliner optimizes safety systems on vocational work trucks to fit the unique challenges of busy worksites.

Keeping the Lights On with the Freightliner 114SD

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative depends on Freightliner trucks to keep the lights on for more than 1 million end-users.

Medium Duty, Big Comfort

The Freightliner M2 106 is a versatile, comfortable and reliable, medium-duty truck perfect for utility truck needs.

Smart Solutions for Finance Roadblocks

Nobody works with businesses to deliver the right financial solutions for fleets like Daimler Truck Financial.

What is a Medium Duty Truck?

The M2 106 is the best-selling medium duty truck in North America, but what does the term “medium-duty” really mean…

The Five Pillars of Real Cost of Ownership

Freightliner’s definition of RCO for the work trucks recognizes five main contributing factors to maximizing performance.

Truck Models

m2106-red-500x300.jpgM2 106 108sd-blue-500x300.jpg108SD 114sd-blue-500x300.jpg114SD 122sd-red-500x300.jpg122SD

Available Engine Options

detroit-dd5_engine.pngDD5 detroit-dd8_engine.pngDD8 detroit-dd13_engine.pngDD13 2017-l9_fuel_3qtr_high_engine_358x358.pngCummins L9 b67-cummins-engine_358x358.pngCummins B6.7 cummins-x12-358x358.jpgCummins X12
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