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When an on-time delivery is your goal, you can count on the Freightliner® M2 106 -- the #1 best-selling medium duty truck in North America*.

M2 106 straight trucks offer outstanding visibility and a tight turning radius for safe navigation of congested city streets or freeway traffic. Freightliner van body trucks boast a spacious, driver-focused cab that has been put to the test by the rigors of countless successful delivery operations for decades. 

Freightliner understands that a truck does more than simply transport goods; it is the cornerstone of a successful pick up and delivery business. Choose the box truck built to boost efficiency and bottom lines. Choose the Freightliner M2 106.

*Based on Polk new truck registrations in US and Canada for class 6-7 vehicles from 2012-2018.

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DD5 Engine in Pick-up & Delivery Applications

The engine you choose for your box truck makes an impact on your bottom line. Learn why you should spec the Detroit DD5 engine in your next M2 106.

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M2 106 Driver Comfort

A spacious and quiet cab are just two features of the Freightliner M2 106 that maximize driver comfort. Learn more.

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M2 106: Active Safety Systems

Get the job done safely with WABCO OnGuard Collision Mitigation system on your Freightliner work truck.

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Thuman Trucking Success Story | Freightliner Trucks

See why mail delivery company, Thuman Trucking, chooses the M2 106 with the Detroit DD5 engine to maximize uptime.

Passenger Side 327X184

Safety and Comfort Inside the M2 106

From the wide windshield to adjustable seating, Freightliner designed the M2 106 with driver safety and comfort in mind.

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M2 106 Ease of Maintenance

The Freightliner M2 106 truck is designed for hassle-free maintenance. Learn how Freightliner accomplishes this.

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M2 106 LED Headlights

New LED headlights increase visibility for safer driving. Learn more about one of the latest upgrades on the M2 106.

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Detroit DD5 and DD8 Reliability and Testing

The Detroit DD5 and DD8 engines are specially designed for durability and performance in your Freightliner work truck.

Video Engine 327X184

3 Reasons to Spec the DD8 Engine

Performance at low speed and fuel economy are just a couple of reasons why you should spec a DD8 engine in your truck.

Em2 327X184

eM2 Co-Creation Process

Hear how Freightliner worked directly with customers to develop innovative electric trucks for the real world.

Electric Em2 327X184

Introduction to the eM2

The Freightliner eM2, an electric medium duty box truck, is one of Freightliner’s latest innovative e-mobility solutions.

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Freightliner & WABCO: Active Braking on Moving Objects

The Active Braking on Moving Objects safety feature on your Freightliner truck improves driver and pedestrian safety.

Wabco 327X184

Freightliner & WABCO: Active Braking on Stationary Objects

See how WABCO’s Active Braking on Stationary Objects safety feature helps you reduce the severity of collision.

Interior 327X184

Freightliner & WABCO: Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise with a little more ease with WABCO’s Adaptive Cruise Control safety feature on your Freightliner work truck.

Guages 327X184

Freightliner & WABCO: Lane Departure Warnings

See how Freightliner with WABCO's OnLane Lane Departure Warning System works to keep you safe and alert on the road.

Variable Cam Phasing 327X184

How Detroit Mid-Range Engines Reduce Regens on Work Trucks

Detroit’s propriety engine technology Variable Cam Phasing increases uptime for your Freightliner work trucks. See how.

Variable Dual Trucks 327X184

How Does a Battery-Electric Truck Work?

Learn how ions and electrons work together to power the Freightliner battery-electric eM2 truck.

Flagg 327X184

M2 106 & DD5 Customer Testimonial

See why this family-owned manufacturing company relies on the M2 106 to deliver products to their customers on time.

Bumper 327X184

M2 106 New Grille

The new, standard molded black grill and air intake grill on the M2 106 are not only stylish but practical.

Box Truck 327X184

The Incredible Versatility of the M2 106

The versatile Freightliner M2 106 supports a wide range of body equipment, making it easy to get the truck you need.

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Find out why the Freightliner® M2 106 is the #1 choice for box truck customers – ready to help your business deliver more goods and more profits.


M2 106 Delivers 20% Increase in Fuel Economy for Mitlyng Bait Inc.

Spec’ing the right engine with the right truck makes a big difference for your business. Read Mitlyng Bait Inc’s story.

Freightliner Builds Safety

Freightliner optimizes safety systems on vocational work trucks to fit the unique challenges of busy worksites.

What is a Medium Duty Truck?

The M2 106 is the best-selling medium duty truck in North America, but what does the term “medium-duty” really mean?

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