350 HP


1050 lb-ft

Cab/Sleeper Configurations

High roof cab and low roof cab

Chassis Configurations

Automated Side Loader – 99” or 122” Wheelbase

Rear Loader – 192”, 204” or 216”

Front Loader – 192”, 204” or 216”


Detroit® DD8™


Front Axle 18,000 LB front axles (20,000 LB optional for low roof cab)

Rear Axle 46,000 LG Tandem Hub Reduction rear axles


MB air front and rear; optional lifting and lowering function on all axles


Allison Automatic 3000 series 6-speed RDS with PTO capability

Standard Features

Coming Soon

Optional Features

  • Frame overhang 1800 mm
  • Attachment fixtures, rigid
  • Bracket in frame, for hydraulic pumps
  • Stabiliser, reinforced, for RA
  • Grab handles in cab, on both B-pillars
  • Grab handle for co-driver, on instrument panel
  • Auxiliary hot water heater, cab
  • Highload parameter, level 1
  • Highload parameter, level 2
  • Battery cable, extended
  • Emergency off switch for BB, in instrument panel
  • Hinged door, co-driver's side, power window
  • Windshield protection
  • Air horn
  • 2 vehicle keys, additional
  • US-tank, 80gal
  • Exhaust system, on frame, right, tailpipe inwards
  • 110 V EngineBlockheater
  • Fuel pre-filter, chassis-mounted, additional
  • Coupling, flexible, for engine PTO (loose)
  • Preliminary setup for PTO
  • Engine PTO, rear, c, hydraulic pump ISO 7653D
  • Engine PTO, rear, b, flange, up to 650 Nm
  • Automated frame lowering at front axle
  • Automated frame lowering, without bellows-residual pressure
  • Automated frame lowering, with bellows-residual pressure
  • Preliminary setup for end crossmember for trailer coupling
  • Alum. wheels, 9.00x22.5, matt, Alcoa, DOT certified
  • Proximity control
  • Sideguard Assist
  • Blind Spot camera system
  • Preinstallation Reversing Assist
  • Deactivation Active Brake Assist
  • Deactivation Lane Keeping Assist
  • Mercedes-Benz protective chassis sealing
  • Telescopic jack, 12 t/19 t
  • Metallic paint
  • Right-hand drive