Your truck, your business and your Real Cost of Ownership: defined. It’s easy with our guide.

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Fuel Efficiency
The Less You Spend On Fuel, The More Money You Make

Detroit™ DT12

Detroit™ engineers look at every opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency. With the easy-to-operate DT12 transmission, drivers reach the truck's optimal performance sooner.

Smart Data Solutions Improve Your Bottom Line

Detroit Connect

Truck performance data is more accessible than ever. The Detroit™ Connect suite of connected vehicle services helps you make sense of it all, delivering data-driven, actionable information to maximize uptime and improve vehicle performance.

Detroit Connect provides fleets with remote access to valuable vehicle diagnostic data, as well as expert fuel efficiency and safety performance insights. Having this information at your fingertips gives you the confidence to make critical business decisions and reduce your Real Cost of Ownership for each Detroit-powered Freightliner® truck in your fleet.

A Safe, Stress-Free Driver Is A Productive Driver

Detroit Assurance

Safety is a critical concern for trucking companies, and protecting drivers is paramount. Playing a vital role in RCO, a lack of safety equipment can result in expensive repair bills, loss of uptime and increased insurance costs. Neither owner-operators nor fleet managers can anticipate accidents, but focusing on safety and driving a truck with the latest safety features can be a real lifesaver. Freightliner Trucks offers innovative, industry-leading active and passive safety features, particularly the Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems, which includes enhanced stability control, collision mitigation and many other technologically advanced safety features.

Excellence In Engineering And Manufacturing

Industry Leadership

The new Cascadia was designed for maximized reliability and longevity from the very beginning. Each Freightliner model undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds our customers' expectations and business needs. And we implemented cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including robotics and automated systems, to achieve precise results. High-quality construction and durable materials help our trucks hold their value for years to come.

If your trucks not on the road, its not making you money

Elite Support

When you need service, we've got you covered. Our robust support footprint features hundreds of service locations with Detroit factory-certified technicians throughout North America. That includes over 400 dealership/parts and service locations — with more than 260 of them being Elite Support Certified dealers. Additionally, with almost 200 ServicePoint® facilities, no matter where you are, we've got you covered.

Driver Experience
Having Happy Drivers Means Less Time And Money Finding New Ones

Driver Retention

Freightliner believes that drivers deserve the best when it comes to their workplace, and paying attention to the driver experience—safety, comfort, reliability, and responsiveness—will not only keep your drivers happy but it will also pay dividends for trucking companies.

See What Customers are Saying About our RCO

More and more customers are looking to lower their RCO when making the decision to purchase a new vehicle. Check out their stories below.

Brossard Leasing

Montreal-based Brossard Leasing is one of the largest leasing companies in Canada. Find out how they can offer their customers an uptime guarantee.

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Liquid Trucking

Over the past 25 years, Liquid Trucking has grown from 15 trucks to 150. And from the ground up, they've trusted Freightliner trucks for the uptime they need to deliver their payloads on time.

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GodSpeed Expediters

Owner/operators Les and Stacie Willis haul everything from lifesaving pharmaceuticals to irreplaceable art and artifacts. See why they rely on Freightliner to deliver under pressure.

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Bison Transport

Bison Transport is one of the largest carriers in Canada and the largest long combination vehicle (LCV) carrier in North America. See how their partnership with Freightliner Trucks has helped them become North America's Safest Fleet.

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Fowler Trucking

Jim and Cindy Fowler are owner/operators that drive team with their boxer, Toby. See why they rely on Freightliner Trucks to keep their business rolling.

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Old Dominion Truck Leasing

Freightliner Trucks helps Old Dominion Truck Leasing achieve success by manufacturing some of the most innovative and efficient vehicles on the road today such as the Cascadia® Evolution.

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Challenger has been leading the industry in operational and technological advancements for almost 40 years. See how Challenger and Freightliner Trucks work together to outperform the competition.

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Meijer has continued to meet the needs of its customers, team members and the communities it serves for over 75 years. See how Freightliner Trucks offers this private fleet the keys to success.

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KLLM Transport Services

KLLM Transport Services has been transporting temperature-controlled products for its customers for 50 years. See how KLLM and Freightliner Trucks work together to achieve celebrated reputations and success in business.

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