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Zero Emissions, Maximum Work: The Freightliner eM2 is here

Electric Trucks

Introducing the Freightliner® eM2: a medium-duty truck inspired by North America’s best-selling truck, the M2, and built on a global Daimler Truck platform. This emission-free electric box truck features industry-leading connectivity and safety technology from Detroit. With its advanced features and impressive performance, the eM2 expands the Daimler Truck electric portfolio to further address customer needs.

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Navigating The EV Incentive Landscape

Electric Trucks

You can see electric trucks in your future. But how do you bring your vision into the world of dollars – and make it all make sense? EV incentives are a key part of the equation. In fact, they can be quite powerful, but you have to start with the right questions.


Detroit eFill: Powering Answers To Your EV Questions

Electric Trucks

Whether you’re simply curious about EV fleets or you’ve already started exploring the possibilities, you might be wondering: “How fast is EV charging?” or “How complex would the transition really be?” With Detroit eFill on your side, the answers are a little clearer. Here are three ways that our charging technology can make EV fleets easier to deploy and run.


Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Electric Trucks

The world of electric trucks – and our understanding of it – has evolved. Let’s take a look at what’s changed over the last few years, and how the right partner can help you stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity.


eCascadia: Launched and Ready to Flip the Electric Switch

Electric Trucks

After more than one million test miles and countless loads delivered for real fleets, the series-production eCascadia has officially launched. Here are five reasons why this groundbreaking electric semi truck is ready to help you flip the zero-emissions switch in your fleet.


eCascadia: 3 Ways That Next-level Safety Comes Standard

Freightliner Trucks

What if there was a semi truck smart enough to stay one step ahead of other vehicles, protect drivers from every angle and make long journeys more comfortable? There is: The Freightliner eCascadia.


State of Charge: 2021 Electric Trends and Milestones

Freightliner Trucks
Electric Trucks

2021 has been a year of significant progress for electric semi trucks. Here’s a quick look at just how far we’ve come – and where we’re headed next.


Prepare for the EV Acceleration

Freightliner Trucks
Electric Trucks

The evolution of the electric truck landscape continues to pick up speed. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Now could be a great time to take stock of your EV plans.


Daimler Truck Financial Insights: Financing Trucks with Industry Experts

Freightliner Trucks


What it’s like to Drive the eCascadia: 5 Most Surprising Features

Freightliner Trucks
Electric Trucks

Think you know electric trucks? Learn about the Freightliner eCascadia’s 5 most surprising features – and what puts it at the front of the pack in the zero-emissions race to innovate.