Up and Running

If your truck’s not on the road, it’s not making you money. Repair costs combined with lost productivity take a toll on your business. For Freightliner, developing ways to keep your trucks moving is essential to increasing your bottom line.

No matter where you are in North America, you’re never far from a service facility. Our robust support network features a 24/7 toll-free hotline, nearly 200 ServicePoint® facilities and hundreds of service locations with factory-certified technicians.

With the optional Detroit™ Connect telematics solution, each individual truck in your fleet will capture, transmit and analyze data in real-time, so you can solve small issues before they become big problems.

A check-engine light can indicate several issues, from a malfunctioning sensor to critical engine failure. To help understand your truck’s onboard diagnostics system, Detroit developed the Detroit™ Virtual Technician, an integrated remote diagnostic system for Freightliner trucks. Virtual Technician increases your truck’s uptime by analyzing fault codes in real-time and formulating a preliminary diagnosis, giving you the information you need to determine when and where to service your truck.

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