A Stress-Free Driver is a Productive Driver

Driving a truck is a demanding profession, and Freightliner is committed to finding solutions that make professional driving safer. Freightliner’s team has designed industry-leading safety features to protect drivers. The Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution have 36 available safety features.

A series of optional, active and passive safety systems help to mitigate or prevent accidents. The Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems delivers exceptional control and protection, including stability control, collision mitigation and lane departure warnings. Through radar and an optional camera system, Detroit Assurance provides optimum on-road safety.

Accident mitigation not only improves highway safety—it also reduces repair costs, diminishing both downtime and liability. Detroit Assurance radar can detect and track up to 40 objects at a distance of 660 feet, while the Video Radar Decision Unit (VRDU) refreshes its speed, distance and time calculations 200 times per second.

From congested job sites and challenging road conditions, safety is paramount to vocational truck drivers. As an industry leader in the development of passive and active safety systems, Freightliner also equips vocational trucks with numerous standard and optional safety features and ergonomically designed, noise-limiting cabs.

Our cabs are designed to keep operators comfortable during a long workday, helping reduce fatigue and improving overall safety and productivity. Additionally, the optional SmartPlex® electrical system allows the addition of safety interlocks to help prevent injuries and equipment damage.

Detroit Assurance includes a bumper-mounted radar system that features collision mitigation; when the truck gets too close to another vehicle, the driver will receive a visual alert via the Instrument Control Unit and the radio will sound an audible alert. If the driver doesn’t respond, Detroit Assurance Active Brake Assist will slow the vehicle using the transmission, engine brake and service brake to mitigate the severity of the collision. Detroit Assurance also includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and video capture.

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