Smart Data Solutions Improve Your Bottom Line

The Detroit™ Connect suite of connected vehicle services is your trusted source for information about your vehicle’s performance. Having this information at your fingertips empowers you to make the right decisions for your business and reduce your Real Cost of Ownership for each Detroit-powered Freightliner in your fleet.

Detroit™ Connect Virtual Technician℠ is the remote diagnostic system for Freightliner trucks equipped with Detroit engines. With Virtual Technician, fleets and owner-operators are notified within minutes when their vehicles experience fault events, the severity of the fault and when, where and how to best fix the issue causing the fault so that they can make informed service decisions. Critical fault codes are further analyzed by Detroit™ Customer Support Center (CSC) experts. Complete fault event details can also be viewed via the Detroit Connect portal.

Detroit Connect Remote Updates gives fleets the ability to make over-the-air engine parameter updates and to receive Detroit-initiated engine and other powertrain electronic controller updates. Remote Updates improves customers’ uptime by reducing the need to stop and physically connect the vehicle at a service center in order to make engine performance-enhancing parameter updates.

Detroit Connect Analytics provides users with on-demand, automated fuel efficiency and safety analysis and reports with key insights developed by Daimler Trucks North America and Detroit experts. Analytics uses that expertise to quickly identify behaviors, trends, root causes and key insights on fuel consumption and safety performance data across the fleet.

These three services translate complicated vehicle performance data into actionable intelligence, putting the power of connectivity into the hands of the fleet.

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