See how Liquid Trucking looks for equipment with longevity and a proven track record

Liquid Trucking Plattsmouth, Nebraska 150 Cascadia DetroitTM DD15®

In 1989, Roger Schmidt started Liquid Trucking with a small fleet of Freightliner trucks, and he's grown his business with his two sons and Freightliner ever since. Today Liquid Trucking delivers across 48 states and Canada with a fleet of 150 Freightliner trucks and 250 bulk stainless steel tankers.

Specializing in just-in-time freight, uptime is critical to Liquid Trucking. The dependability of their Freightliner Cascadia®trucks keeps payloads on schedule and their family business thriving.

Liquid Trucking also keeps their fleet running with good drivers. And the Freightliner Cascadia helps attract and retain them. Driver Dan Pijanowski says, "In the 17 and a half years I've worked for Liquid Trucking, they've always listened to what the driver had to say as far as comfort and reliability, along with the personal touch of getting you home on the weekends… it means a lot to drivers."

Freightliner helps Liquid Trucking maintain a driver retention rate nearly 70% higher than industry average, maximizing uptime and lowering their Real Cost of Ownership℠.

Looking toward the future, Josh Schmidt says, "Our plans are to continue to grow the business. We've been very successful with Freightliner. Choosing the right truck has been a big part of our success."