See how Challenger looks for equipment with longevity and a proven track record

Challenger Cambridge, Ontario 1,500 Freightliner Detroit™

Going the Distance

Since 1975, Challenger has continually strived to surpass its previous standards of quality and performance, carving innovation into its culture along the way.

One of the most technologically advanced supply chain solutions providers in Canada, Challenger has always been on the forefront of operational achievements, allowing them to exceed their customers' evolving needs, influence the transportation industry and attain an impressive record of customer satisfaction.

Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution truck models help Challenger achieve its success by offering products that match their focus on technology and innovation. In addition to cutting-edge research and development efforts, Freightliner trucks feature the most advanced aerodynamic styling components as well as a fully integrated powertrain to maximize operating efficiency and fuel economy. And standard features such as the Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ only increase productivity and uptime for customers.