See how Brossard Leasing looks for equipment with longevity and a proven track record

Brossard Leasing Motreal, Quebec 3,500 Freightliner Cascadia® Evolution DetroitTM DD15

Headquartered in Montreal, Brossard Leasing is a leader in the industry because of their customer service. They work closely with their customers to spec trucks for their individual business needs. Brossard's local Freightliner dealer helps them through this process with knowledgeable support and a wide range of spec'ing options.

When their trucks hit the road, Brossard offers their customers an uptime guarantee. With a fleet of 3,500 trucks traveling across the continent, guaranteeing uptime takes confidence and connectivity.

Detroit Connect Virtual Technician and remote diagnostic service in all of their Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolutions. This integrated remote diagnostic system helps Brossard monitor their fleet, plan for service and preventative maintenance and keep their trucks moving." Vice President and General Manager Jérôme Léonard explains, "Virtual Technician helps with preventative maintenance and keeps their trucks moving. The ultimate is for our customers to do their deliveries on time. And this system gives us a hand in achieving that." Freightliner helps Brossard deliver superior service and lower their Real Cost of Ownership℠ with reliable services, connectivity solutions and an extensive dealer network across North America.

Léonard says, "We recommend Freightliner trucks every day in our business." So it's no wonder Brossard plans to continue to add Freightliners to their fleet.