See how Bison Transport looks for equipment with longevity and a proven track record

Bison Transport

Winnipeg, Manitoba 1,400 Cascadia Evolution DD15®

Since 1969, Bison Transport has grown from just 18 tractors and 32 employees to over 1,400 tractors and 2,600 employees. Today, they are one of the largest carriers in Canada and the largest long combination vehicle (LCV) carrier in North America. Along their road to success, Bison Transport has earned a reputation in the industry for world-class safety, reliability and service. And they accomplished that by putting people first. It's that philosophy that has helped them achieve high customer satisfaction, driver retention and many of the industries greatest honors, including North America's Safest Fleet and North America's Driver of the Year.

In addition to all the high marks and accolades, Bison Transport operates one of the most modern fleets in the industry. From their office space to their trucks, they employ the latest advancements in technology. Freightliner is proud to provide Bison Transport with some of the most innovative trucks on the road today, including the best-in-class Cascadia® Evolution, equipped with the proprietary Detroit™ DD15® engine and the DT12™ transmission, to give them the efficiencies and reliability they need.

Bison Transport determined fuel efficiency, safety and uptime had the most impact on their Real Cost of Ownership℠. So to lower it and increase their profitability, they partnered with Freightliner to help keep their drivers safe, their fuel costs low and their freight moving down the road. For Bison Transport, that's proven to be the winning combination.