Leading The Charge


Introducing Freightliner e-Mobility

At Freightliner, cutting edge design, engineering and manufacturing is nothing new. Throughout our history, we’ve been dedicated to innovation that improves uptime, comfort, safety and efficiency for our customers. Today, we’re ready for the next big step: introducing the all-new, all-electric eCascadia and eM2 106. 

These two models represent the next level of advanced electric power, backed by the unmatched experience and expertise of Freightliner and Daimler. We are developing world-class electric, commercial vehicles that will reduce emissions and improve our customers’ real cost of ownership (RCO). Production of our proprietary, integrated electrification solution is expected to begin in 2021.



Mile Range:


Usable Capacity:

475 kWh


80% in 90 min.


All Charged Up

The eCascadia, built on North America’s bestselling class-8 on-highway platform, is a heavy duty highway tractor designed for local and regional distribution and drayage.

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Mile Range:


Usable Capacity:

315 kWh


80% in 60 min.

eM2 106

Electric Avenue

The eM2 106, based on one of North America’s most in demand medium duty truck designs, is ideal for local distribution, pickup and delivery, food and beverage delivery and last mile logistics applications.

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Freightliner Advantage

With decades of experience producing industry-leading heavy and medium duty commercial trucks in volume, we will apply the same processes, skill and efficiencies in building our electric trucks. That’s why we chose proven, current production platforms with millions of miles behind them, giving customers both the latest technology and the dependability they count on.

Freightliner plans to deliver its initial Electric Innovation Fleet of vehicles to select customers later this year, for further testing under real-world operating conditions to validate use cases, range, hours of available operation per charge, charging requirements and durability. 

We know that developing electric vehicles is only part of the big picture. To help our customers succeed, we will offer solutions and support that address the entire eMobility ecosystem. That’s why we’re leading the initiative to develop commercial vehicle charging standards and infrastructure in North America.

With the largest dealer and service network in North America, we will offer unparalleled access to factory-trained technicians, parts and support.

The Power of Daimler

Being part of Daimler Trucks North America means Freightliner is able to utilize the global engineering expertise of Daimler to bring practical, game-changing technology to market. At the forefront of commercial vehicle electrification worldwide, Daimler is already delivering vehicles like the Fuso eCanter, a fully electric, light duty truck, currently in series production. The Mercedes-Benz eActros, is entering testing for distribution applications with customers in Europe. The Thomas Built Buses C2 Saf-T-Liner Jouley school bus is poised to change an industry here in North America. Along with the eCascadia and eM2 106, these are just a few examples of how Daimler is moving to deliver new solutions to its customers around the globe, and how we’re working to shape the future of commercial transportation.