Detroit™ DT12™ Transmission

Smooth shift performance, durability and ease of operation

Efficiency and economy in high gear

For large fleets or single trucks, delivering steady profitability to your business depends on continual performance improvement and solid durability. It means Detroit™ engineers, driven to create parts that perform, study every opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency. Our engineers build the sturdiest of components, designing the DT12 to limit unnecessary wear and tear during operation. Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM) anticipates terrain well ahead of the truck, adjusting to road conditions to maximize efficiencies. With new drivers joining the industry every year, it’s critical to ensure optimal truck and driver performance. With our intuitive, automated manual transmission, drivers reach peak performance sooner, thanks to advanced DT12 features including our easier-to-operate, two-pedal configuration.

Detroit DT12 Specs
Speeds 12 forward / 4 reverse
 Torque Ratings 1,250 - 2,050 lb./ft.
 Gear Ratios / Overall Ratio Direct Drive: 14.93 - 1 / 14.93
Over Drive: 11.67 - 0.78 / 14.96
 GCW Limits Direct Drive: 80,000 lbs.
Over Drive: 130,000 lbs.*
 Dry Weight 518 - 639 lbs.
 Oil Capacity 10.7 - 15.4 qts
* With dual plate clutch. Application approval required. 

DT12 Automated Manual Transmission 

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